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White Label SEO Company: How to Choose the Right One ?

As an online business entrepreneur with a business problem, you might first try do-it-yourself digital marketing solutions. Building a customized digital marketing solution from scratch to meet your business needs can turn out to be a big failure.

To avoid this you must hire a professional white label SEO company that offers a holistic suite of SEO services as per your digital marketing needs and budget.

What are SEO Services?

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process to improve your website’s visibility when your potential customers search for products or services you offer through top search engines like Google, Bing etc.
The better the online visibility your web-pages have in search results, the more likely you can grab the attention of your potential and existing customers towards your business.

If you want your website to get noticed by your target audiences then, you have to get indexed on top search engines and ranked highly.

Let us have a quick glance at a few important facts about top search engines:

  • Nearly 75% of searchers do not click after the first page of SERPs.
  • Each year people make around 16-20% of brand new searches.
  • Nearly 60% of Google searches are being performed through mobile devices.
  • Google processes more than 5.8B searches per day.
  • Google processes more than 2T searches per year.
  • The average click-rate of #1 position in search results is 19.3% and #2 position is 10.57%.
  • Around 33% of mobile searches are location-centric.
  • Around 50% of “near me” queries lead to a local store visit.
  • Nearly 46% product searches start on Google.
  • Google is the leading search engine having 92% market share.

Top search engines decide to list websites at any given position in the search results for a specific search query.

Understanding what are seo services and implementing them effectively is very important to ensure that your website captures web traffic for relevant search queries on top search engines.

What Does SEO Services From A White Label SEO Company Include?

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Obviously, you want to drive organic web traffic towards your website from top search engines like Google and Bing. That is why many online businesses hire a professional white label seo company that is specialized in offering customized and effective SEO services.

Below mentioned are five key aspects that SEO services include:

Technical SEO: While building a website, it is very important to consider the content, design and the technical details that can seriously impact your website in search. Technical SEO involves many factors that top search engines take into consideration to rank a website such as page speed, mobile-friendliness, broken links (internal and external), crawl errors and sitemap accessibility.

A professional seo company knows how to optimize a website technically and explain how each of these factors can impact a website’s ability to drive high search traffic.

On-Page SEO: On-page SEO is primarily focused on great user experience and optimizing web-page content for relevant keywords. The on-page optimization process involves the following:

  • Researching relevant keywords having good search volume.
  • Making sure that the on-page content satisfies the user’s search query and search intent.
  • Creating internal links from one web-page to another to build strong connections between the content of two web-pages.
  • Balance internal links with relevant and reliable outbound links.
  • Make sure that your web-page content is well-organized and well-structured for top search engines.

Off-Page Optimization: Off-page optimization is the process to build backlinks from authoritative and relevant websites (for example .edu, .org, or .gov websites) to drive relevant traffic back to your website and make top search engines believe that your website is reliable and valuable.

Link building usually includes many different tactics such as obtaining directory listings, publishing content on other websites, answering questions on social forums or Q&A forums etc. The link building process also includes:-

  • Researching important opportunities for link building outreach.
  • Tracking new inbound links generated.
  • Prioritizing opportunities on the basis of time, effort and estimated return value.
  • Planning outreach like email, forum discussion, submissions and many more.

Local SEO: Local SEO combines many of the above mentioned SEO strategies and is important for local or regional businesses. Local SEO strives to get search exposure for your online business in the locations you serve. Primary local SEO strategies include:-

  • Ensuring your business has listings in nearly all prominent locations particularly Google.
  • Ensuring that your business listings are consistent across all the digital marketing channels and websites.
  • Optimize your content and website by making use of specific local keywords such as city or state or country names, where applicable.
  • Link building through relevant local directories, business enterprises and groups.

SEO Monitoring: SEO is one of the most important and effective digital marketing techniques, which doesn’t come with any defined timelines to deliver desired results. It might take several months or a few weeks to make that happen.

While your white label seo company works on improving your search engine visibility, it is important to consider right SEO performance metrics for complete client satisfaction.

Monthly client reporting showcases the progress made during the process and how it is impacting your online business. Keep in mind that ranking higher is great, but if it is not driving extra business success then, you might give issues to other problems.

Introduction to White Label SEO Services for Agencies

A professional white label SEO company offers specialized white label seo services for agencies, businesses or individual consultants without taking any credit for the work being completed and is under agreement by another digital marketing agency that sells SEO services to other clients without doing any work in-house.

With the increased expenditure on SEO services, digital marketing agencies and businesses are trying their best to retain their existing clients and gain new ones through offering specialized and customized SEO services, professional seo project management, detailed proposals and audits and right task delegation.

When it comes to white label seo services for agencies there are a wide variety of SEO services being offered by a professional white label SEO company, which are as follows:

  • Technical SEO Services: Discovering technical website issues, suggesting right approaches to improve the website and making it more search-engine friendly.
  • On-Page SEO Services: Optimizing the web-page content such as the URL, Meta title, Meta description, images, content etc.
  • Link Building Services: Building links for your website from high-quality sources.
  • Content Writing Services: Creating properly optimized content for users and top search engines.
  • WordPress SEO Services: Optimizing a WordPress CMS based website.

Importance of White Label SEO Reporting

A white label SEO report is a professionally comprehensive report that once created, can be rebranded and the format is used by other companies.

A comprehensive white label seo reporting format shows the value of the wonderful SEO campaigns you create for your clients with a 100% customizable SEO dashboard that includes important performance metrics, which are as follows:

  • Website Analytics: Constantly track website analytics to show your clients how your SEO campaigns improve their web traffic, conversions and total sales! Here white label SEO companies also analyze top sources by traffic, pages per visit, bounce rate by source, New vs. returning visitors and a lot more!
  • Keyword Rankings: Make use of top keyword ranking tools such as Moz, SEMrush and Ahrefs to show your clients the keywords that are bringing them maximum web traffic and the ones you must target for the coming months! Here white label SEO companies also analyze top organic keyword by clicks, top organic keyword by impressions, top organic keyword by CTA etc!
  • Backlink Analysis: Ensure that your clients have the most reliable and effective backlinks that drives organic web traffic towards their website through top referrers by sessions, new backlinks, referring domains etc!

With creating SEO reports branded with your white label SEO company’s color schemes, logo and overall vibe, you provide complete client satisfaction and desired results!

How Much Do SEO Services Cost ?

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How much do SEO services costs your agency or individuals will vary according to your needs, budget and the experience of the SEO service provider you select.

Understand how to define expectations, find low-quality knock offs and find the amount you might have to pay for professional SEO services in the market currently.

While we all know the benefits of effective and professional white label seo services for agencies are very clear, the cost of finishing an SEO strategy might vary considerably according to the company objectives and the kind of strategy you have implemented.

No matter what your budget is, the costs connected with proper seo project management and promoting SEO services must be considered as an important investment for your business and with any investment, you have to be concerned with generating the best possible ROI out of it.

Focus on being realistic with your objectives that will assist you set a right budget to spend on your SEO services.


Eventually, everything comes down to your trustworthiness and brand value. Therefore, it is important for your white label SEO company to ensure specialized SEO services and stay true to your commitments. Try to order a pre-made SEO package or order a custom link building package for your own agency or your client and watch wonders happen.

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