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White Label Link Building : A 5 Step Secret Guide

Before we can understand what white label link building is and how to do it, we must first understand why we need to do it.

As per a study published by userp.io

95% of webpages have ZERO backlinks pointing towards their website

link building statistics

In another study conducted by the SEO Tribunal, about 65% of marketers find link building to be the hardest part of doing SEO.

seo link building

It is a fact that no matter how well your content is but if there are no links pointing to it, chances are it will be buried in the page 2 or beyond of Google Search, which is contrary to the fact that you wrote the content so that it could actually rank.

This is WHY, link building is such an important part of the entire SEO game because it helps you build authority, bring rankings and ultimately results into traffic.

White Label Link Building is nothing but outsourcing SEO to a white label SEO agency which is responsible for creating backlinks on your behalf and providing you a report under your own brand name.

This method is very effective for digital marketing agencies and freelancers who are engaged in providing SEO services to end clients.

A digital marketing agency often receives requests from clients to help them build backlinks to their websites, but a lot of time these agencies find it difficult to have enough resources and tools in place to fulfill ever increasing demands from their clients.

A specialized white label SEO agency is your best bet to deliver amazing results to your ends without losing a job or a client.

Here is a list of all the benefits that you get by hiring a white label SEO company for creating backlinks on your behalf:

  • Affordable: Since the agency is specialized into SEO, they have the tools and teams in place to do the job which means you only need to pay for the job done which saves you a lot of money which you would otherwise incur in subscribing costly tools or hiring in-house team members.
  • High Quality Links: An agency knows from where and how to get you high quality links which will also help you deliver referral traffic to your client websites. Since the links would be coming from high authority sources, this will also help in improving the rankings in search engines.
  • Diversify Your Offerings: You might be good at content, you might be good at social media or running paid ads, but partnering up with a white label SEO service provider, you can add more services and upsell it to your clients which would in turn diversify your service offerings and bring you more side income.
  • Close More Deals: By partnering up with a white label SEO agency, you can free up about 80% of time as the delivery of the work will be handled by the agency, which means you can invest that time into finding more prospects and closing more deals for yourself.

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The most common question asked on the internet is how to create a link to a website ? Let us see what are the different methods of creating backlinks:

Directory Listings: Creating profiles on online directory with your correct Name, Address and Phone number details is what directory listings means.

This method helps you create local citations for your website, which is an important factor considered by Google Search Algorithm while ranking a website in a local area.

This also helps you get your Google My Business profile getting ranked on Google Local Pack, by providing credible sources of information and check the consistency of NAP ( Name, Address, Phone number)

One of the best ways to create local citations is to find all the different directories which are local to your area or your country as well as create your profiles on websites that allow the listing on their global platform.

Blogger Outreach: It is a process of identifying and contacting high quality blogs with the objective of getting a full length blog published on their website or atleast get a link on an already existing content on their website.

This is an amazing process to get high quality backlinks to the website, however this method is a bit technical and requires a deep understanding of how to identify blogs which are high quality and would help in getting the job done.

Link building experts are experienced and have all the tools to find such high quality blogs. They also have a standard process of contacting and getting backlinks successfully published on such blogs.

A white label SEO company forms a good bond with the bloggers which helps them get an extra leverage when it comes to creating backlinks, which is again a highly beneficial engagement.

Broken Link Building: It is a method in which you first identify web pages having external links pointed out to dead web pages while the next step is to contact such websites and request them to replace the dead link with a live one, which is a link that points back to a web page on your website.

The most challenging part of this entire activity is to find the broken links in the first place and this is where tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush prove to be very handy and fast.

The only drawback of this method is that it could take a lot of time and resources just to get a few backlinks in place as compared to the blogger outreach method.

Blog Commenting: This is an evergreen method of getting backlinks. Under this method, we first identify a niche blog which accepts comments and also has a way to insert a backlink pointing back to the website.

The next step is going ahead and adding a value added comment related to the blog post and leaving your name and website address in the field.

Two major drawbacks of this activity are that even though you comment, there is no guarantee that you comment will be approved and another drawback is that the link often carries a nofollow attribute.

Social Media Backlinks: Links that we post and share an update or include in the about section of social media profile are basically counted as backlinks from social media platforms.

The best advantage of creating social media backlinks is that it helps you diversify your link profile as well as dilute your anchor texts appropriately.

The only drawback is that all such links carry a nofollow attribute.

Quora Answering: A very big backlink creation opportunity lies with Quora as well. It is an overlooked opportunity but if you can add value added content to the questions asked on Quora, you can very well leverage an opportunity to add a link to your website in a referential way.

This is a great way to drive traffic to a particular webpage along with getting a backlink in return.

There are white label link building agencies which sell backlink packages. These packages are often pre-decided deals between bloggers and these agencies, all you need to do is buy an appropriate link building package as per your budget and need to get a detailed report of backlinks created for you in your own label name.

SEO Butler
seo butler logo

SEO Butler

  • Best for Guest Post Links

It is a renowned agency when it comes to providing content, social signals, citations and guest posts. They have pre-designed packages for every need.

With their guest post services you get high quality content written. You can buy individual backlinks based on your niche. You get a chance to select from a database of thousands of real websites and blogs.

If you want to avoid PBN links, you can totally rely on SEO Butler, as none of their links are created from PBN blogs or websites.

You can head over to their website and learn more about their entire range of services.

Authority Builders
authority builders logo

Authority Builders

  • Best for Custom Link Building Campaign

It is an advanced link building agency, promoted by highly respected SEO expert Matt Diggity.

It is an agency managed by very experienced link building consultants having specialized knowledge and experience in just building backlinks.

Their methods are advanced and they are capable of handling link building campaigns at a high volume and with increased complexities.

Besides guest posting, link insertion and inventory based links, they have two services one is link detox which helps you get rid of harmful links to your website and the other one is a custom link building campaign which can be ordered based on your specific needs.

loganix logo


  • Pay Only For Approved Links

It is another well respected agency capable of running advanced link building campaigns.

What makes their service different is that they get approval of sites before placing them, besides that they only use US and Canadian writers to make sure the quality of content is high.

They are very strict with their selection criteria and besides that the biggest advantage that you get is that you only need to pay for approved links that you receive.

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You can buy affordable link building packages from SEONerds Digital ~ A White Label SEO Link Building Agency. Here is what they offer:

Top Pick
SEONerds Digital White Label SEO

SEONerds Digital

  • Best for Affordable Outreach Based Link Building

Guest Post Links: Choose from a database of thousands of websites which accepts guest posts and provides links in return.

Sponsored Links: Order a custom blogger outreach campaign to help you get sponsored links and posts from high authority blogs and websites.

Link Insertion: Get links inserted to already existing content with an anchor text of your choice.

Broken Link Replacement: Leverage the opportunity of dead pages and get your links placed on the content which is relevant and is capable of sending you high authority.


White label link building is an effective way to scale your current digital marketing business. Try to order a pre-made package or order a custom link building package either for your own agency or your client and see the magic.

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