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SEO Consulting Services: Top 6 Secrets to Start and Scale as an SEO Expert

Starting SEO Consulting Services as a business isn’t hard but a lot of SEO Experts, begin this journey on a wrong note. The secrets described in this blog post are a set of steps and if you follow them exactly, it will assist you in starting and scaling your business as an SEO Consultant in the most profitable way.

Here are some interesting statistics about SEO shared on Ahrefs Blog:

seo trends and statistics

As you can see as per studies about 53.3% website traffic comes from organic searches only. Now this is a huge number.

Another biggest reason why companies prefer using SEO more than any other channel, is because of it’s ROI and cost.

seo vs ppc roi

Studies have shown that the cost per lead, from SEO, is lower compared to PPC. Read the full post here.

Studies have also proven that the traffic coming from organic searches is highly targeted and converts much better than the traffic coming from PPC and other paid mediums.

Keeping all of these studies as a base, it’s safe to say that the need for SEO is justifiable and hence the demand for good SEO experts would always be there.

Now let’s have a look at the top 6 secrets to help you start and scale as an SEO Expert.

Secret 1 : Learn Digital Marketing Funnel

One of the most common mistakes people make is that they watch a lot of youtube videos about SEO and learn some very basic stuff and consider themselves as an expert on the subject. 

This approach is not very fruitful because SEO requires deep knowledge and understanding of the concepts of the digital marketing funnel.

A lot of youtube trainers and coaches either omit explaining this point or even if they talk about it, they omit explaining how one should approach digital marketing as a whole and create a digital marketing strategy from the top.

Hence, it is highly recommended to get some formal education in the field of digital marketing and understand how each channel works and contributes to the overall strategy.

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Secret 2 : Learn Practical SEO Fast

While learning digital marketing funnel will help you understand the overall strategy and will enable you to strategically plan SEO activities that goes along well with other tactics, a deep and practical knowledge about using different tools and performing different SEO tasks, will help you to perform SEO practically on your client’s websites.

You must make sure to enroll yourself into a course that teaches you how to execute seo step by step. Besides learning the concepts of SEO, it’s really important to learn and gain expertise on following aspects:

  • How to do keyword research ?
  • How to write SEO friendly content ?
  • How to perform Onpage SEO ?
  • How to build high quality backlinks ?
  • How to study Google Analytics ?
  • How to track keyword rankings ?
  • How to create and present SEO reports to clients ?

Hence make sure you are able to learn all the above points if you wish to get into SEO consulting for clients.

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The typical batch size is about 100 participants per batch. You can learn about his internship program on his website

Secret 3 : Learn Data Driven SEO

SEO is a field of both conceptual knowledge as well as practical application but there is a third angel to it: Data Analysis.

A lot of SEO professionals, in spite of being very good at practically performing SEO activities, fail at analysing data in a way that it eliminates all the guesswork.

It is a fact that a lot of SEO experts pay attention to the practical application of conceptual SEO but the reality is that Google Search Algorithm is basically a piece of software which decides where to rank a particular webpage on the basis of mathematical calculations done by the AI powered algorithm in the background.

In a lay man’s language, routine SEO is the process of implementing SEO best practices which are often concept based.

Whereas Data Driven SEO, is the process of gathering, calculating and suggesting SEO changes based on what is already working for the top ranking websites.

So all i’m trying to say is that in order for you to actually become an “SEO Expert”, you must learn the art of analysing data and take educated SEO decisions rather than just focusing on applying conceptual SEO.

Here is a table that will explain the difference between SEO VS Data Driven SEO, the questions which are answered by conceptual SEO VS the questions answered by Data Driven SEO, read below:

SEO VS Data Driven SEO Comparison
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Secret 4 : Learn How to Generate SEO Leads

Once you gain some practical knowledge and experience of executing SEO and delivering results, you can now start working as an SEO Expert and begin selling your SEO Consulting Services.

Here are 5 methods to help you generate leads:

1) SEO of your own website: Make sure that you have a website as well as a blog. Optimize your website and present yourself as an SEO Expert.

The best way to attract leads is by going niche with SEO, focus on 1 or 2 industries you have best experience in ranking and optimize your website for attracting clients specifically in those industries.

Make sure that you provide some case studies on your website to attract more leads.

Besides that, make sure to write content regularly on your blog and provide insightful content that could help the potential readers to get an idea about your knowledge in the field.

Lastly, give the option to book a strategy call with you on your contact page, so potential leads can book a meeting with you directly instead of going to the loop of emails.

2) Owned Network Outreach: Under this method, you need to pinpoint contacts in your own list who can be your perfect first set of clients. These people must be having their own online ventures in place to qualify.

You can contact them and make them aware about your new venture. Send them a link to your website and ask them to reach out to you in case they need any help with their own websites.

To increase your chances of getting some business from them make sure to give them a lucrative offer.

3) Referral Network Outreach: You can design a referral program for the current clients.

The referral program must incentivize your clients either in the form of a discount or some monetary benefit could be given in exchange of every successful referral that they give to you.

Ask every client of yours to give atleast 5-10 referrals.

4) Linked In Network Outreach: Linked In is known to have the most organic reach even when compared to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

In order to generate leads from Linked in you need to make sure that you consistently post useful contents on SEO. Since you will be writing blogs on your own website, a good idea is to share an excerpt of the same on your linked in profile as well.

The whole idea is to showcase your knowledge and expertise on SEO in order to attract inbound leads.

Another thing that you need to make sure is that you are constantly adding people to your network who match your ideal client profile.

Besides that make sure to actively participate in various SEO groups and contribute in the form of meaningful comments.

5) Qualified Email Outreach: Under this method, you can collect email addresses of all potential companies from their websites to outreach to them.

You need to make sure that you qualify them first on the basis of their industry and your expertise to serve that particular industry, so don’t go and send emails to every other website.

After collecting emails, start writing emails to all them. Here are few things that you need to make sure while outreaching:

  • Personalize the email and address the concerned person with their name. Don’t keep it generic like “Dear Sir/Madam”
  • Write about the problems you find on their website rather than brag about your skills.
  • Give them a way to book a meeting with you by sharing a calendar link.
  • Send them a follow up email if they fail to turn up on the meeting.
  • Don’t try to spam if you don’t get an immediate response.

The above are the top 5 methods to generate leads for your SEO Consulting services without spending hefty amounts of money.

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Secret 5 : Learn How to Convert SEO Leads Into Paying Clients

All those people who have booked a strategy call with you can be termed as “leads”. Now before you get on a call with all those leads, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself by performing some initial research work for each of the leads and websites.

Preparing yourself before the call, having a presentation ready will help you to convert more SEO leads into paying clients. This approach is much better than going completely unprepared. So here are the steps:

1) Provide Free SEO Audit: Find out the SEO score of the website. A website which generally needs SEO has some or the other technical issues, it’s a good idea to find if the website is technically sound or not.

There are many free tools available on the internet that provide free SEO audit reports, you can generate those reports and keep a summary of points ready before the call.

Here are a few free SEO audit tools:

2) Perform competitor research: Check what the top ranking competitors are doing both in terms of onpage SEO as well as offpage SEO.

This study will help you see the gaps and once you identify those issues, you can use it to pitch your services by telling your leads how you plan to bridge those gaps.

3) Charge Premium Prices: There is a huge competition in the market with respect to charging prices for SEO. One of the most effective ways to charge premium prices from clients without having low conversion rates, is by proving your expertise in the industry and explaining all the benefits the client will get by awarding the project to you.

In order to do this, first you need to make sure that either you are servicing a particular industry like dentists, fitness experts, accountants etc or you are selling highly skilled service as a product like SEO auditing service, penalty removal service, SEO content writing or just link building.

By focusing on a single industry or a single service, you will develop deep knowledge which will help you to deliver high quality results and will differentiate you from all the others in the market.

4) Closing Deals: This could be the toughest part of the entire strategy session. Here are a few scenarios and few responses.

  • If the lead is satisfied with your presentation chances are they will agree to most of the points you have explained and most probably would even award the project without any negotiations.
  • If the lead starts giving you excuses and tells you why they are not yet ready to start SEO, it is because they have an objection but they are not disclosing it to you. In such a situation, try to find the exact reason and remove that objection to improve your chances of getting the job. Hence it is a good practice to also think of all the objections a client can make and perform all your responses. This is something that you can do as a standard practice.
  • If the lead likes your presentation and it’s just the price that is coming as a barrier then offer them a one time discount offer to close the deal. You can also try to down sell them my offering a lower cost service package to them.
  • If the lead completely says no then maybe you can ask them to give you one more chance by telling them that you would like to re-analyze the entire campaign and come up with a new strategy. This will give you one more chance to close the deal.
  • If still you lose the deal, make sure that you keep them on your email list and keep sending them informative emails as well as take follow ups in subsequent months.
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Secret 6 : Learn How to Scale Your SEO Consulting Services as a Business

You will be ready to scale your SEO Consulting business, when you have atleast 10 recurring clients in hand and when you have a set model for generating leads and closing the deals.

You might already be earning a decent amount of money but the reason why you should consider scaling is because that’s the only way to grow the business to the next level.

Once you realize that now you have too much work to do and find yourself struggling between lead generation, sales and delivery, it’s an indication that now you need a team to help you grow to the next level.

So here are some steps that will help you to scale your business and automate a large part of your it:

1) Hire a team: The most obvious step is to hire junior team members who can assist you in delivering SEO services. Make sure that you have standard operating procedures in place and your team follows those SOPs to deliver the work.

The downside of this approach is that you will need to pay a salary on a monthly basis and you will also need to find time to train the junior team members.

2) Outsource SEO to a White label Agency: In my opinion, Outsourcing SEO work to a white label agency is the best method to expand.

It is because these are specialized agencies who have the teams, the tools, the systems and the infrastructure to deliver SEO projects within budget and without compromising on the quality of the output.

The biggest benefit is that this approach frees your 80% of time which you can utilize in expanding the business by organizing more strategy calls and closing more deals.

The only disadvantage of this method is that it makes you dependent on other parties for the delivery of the services but this is also not a very big concern as most white label SEO agencies are trustworthy and they also sign an NDA contract with their b2b partners. So you can trust the agency for a long term association.

3) Facebook Ads: Once you are able to take on more projects and be able to deliver more, then you can start advertising through Facebook to increase brand awareness as well as generate more SEO leads.

4) Google Ads: While Facebook ads will help you to create more brand awareness, sponsored ads on search pages will help you generate SEO leads even faster.

Hence using both Facebook and Google ads together will supercharge the entire scaling process.

5) Webinar Marketing: Webinars are a great way to showcase your knowledge, create a buzz in the market as well as generate more SEO leads then usual, as you can offer a webinar special pricing to all the attendees.

6) Affiliate SEO: Once your entire SEO consulting business model is settled, you can also get into doing affiliate SEO. This will help you to generate more revenue by either creating a portfolio of affiliate websites for yourself or you can also offer this as an additional service besides the typical SEO consulting services.

Finally, we have come to the conclusion of this post and I hope after reading this post you are able to Start and Scale as an SEO Expert and take your SEO Consulting Services to the next level as a business.

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White Label SEO

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is SEO Business Profitable ?

Yes, SEO Business is highly profitable. You can charge as low as $250 per month and as high as $5000 per month per client.

Is SEO better than Google Ads ?

It is very subjective, though both work well. If you want faster results then you can go with Google ads but you need to bear heavy advertising costs where as if you have limited budget and want results in the long term then stick with SEO.

Is Inhouse SEO better than Outsourcing ?

Keeping an Inhouse SEO team can be a good idea if you can bear monthly salary costs and also invest into infrastructure and subscribing SEO tools. Whereas outsourcing SEO to a white label agency will help you reduce your costs and you can simply pay on per project basis.

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