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Resell SEO Services Like a Boss : Know How

Knowing how you can resell seo services, can prove to be a really profitable business idea specially in the post Covid-19 era.

As per the data provided by Labour Force Statistics‌‌, about 14.80 Million people lost their Jobs during April 2020 during the initial wave of Covid-19 in the US itself.

unemployment statistics post covid 19
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A lot of people were sitting at home after losing their jobs and were asking themselves how they can make money online while looking for some new sources of income. Digital marketing came as a ray of hope for many jobless folks out there who had the huge responsibility of feeding their families.

However as interesting the field of online marketing sounds, the fact is, it requires some level of formal education and skills to really make you worthy of getting some business out of it and this is where reselling SEO services comes handy.

The biggest advantage of partnering up with a while tabel seo agency is that you can start making money online by just selling SEO services to end clients without even hiring an SEO team or subscribing to those costly tools or the need to handle end client support queries. Sounds existing, isn’t it ?

The Rise of eCommerce and the Need for Digital Marketing

In the post covid-19 era, more and more people have turned to the aid of digital marketing as the way we market and sell has changed tremendously in a span of 1 year. Have a look at the stats below:

ecommerce digital marketing statistics
Source: Statista

As per Statista, the ecommerce industry is expected to grow to 6542 billion dollars. This symbolizes that there is a huge opportunity to grow in the digital marketing space.

As more and more people have started educating themselves in the field of digital marketing, more and more agencies are getting established as well as more number of students are turning towards becoming full time digital marketing freelancers as they consider it as the best career option right now.

However there is a flip side of the coin as well. Let’s see what are all the factors involved and how you can eventually start to resell SEO services without the need to invest much time and money.

The Challenges Faced by Digital Marketing Agencies & Freelancers

digital marketing agencies and freelancers

The best way to earn more money when it comes to digital marketing is by focusing on one field which is your area of expertise, it could be website designing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, affiliate marketing etc. and outsource rest of the demands that you are receiving to other agencies or freelancers which are experts in their domain.

When it comes to SEO there are 3 models in which you can collaborate with other SEO agencies to increase your offerings and upsell it along with your core service. Let’s see how to outsource seo services:

  • Private Label SEO Model: Under this model you can set your own margins (however your partner may set a threshold level to maintain competitive pricing structure) while the complete work is done by your outsourcing partner from onboard your SEO client until the delivery of white label SEO reports. All the reports carry your brand name and logo.
  • SEO Agency Franchisee Model: Under this model you buy a franchisee of a renowned SEO agency, you pitch clients as a representative of the agency, the entire work and all the operations are handled by the SEO agency and you are only responsible to bring in new leads. Under this model you can earn better margins.
  • SEO Referral Model: Under this model you act as an affiliate of the SEO agency and you recommend the agency for doing SEO work to your own clients. You can earn a decent amount of commission for every client that gets converted.

Benefits of Choosing a White Label SEO Agency to Resell SEO Services

selling seo services

Let’s have a look at the benefits of partnering up and outsourcing to a SEO reseller agency:

  • Save Money: You can save a lot of money, as you don’t need to invest into establishing any office, paying salaries to SEO experts, subscribe to different SEO reporting tools etc.
  • Save Time: You can save a lot of time that you would need to otherwise invest into performing various SEO activities, solving client queries, handing team etc.
  • Deliver Results: Your White Label SEO partner is an expert in his field, he knows how to perform SEO activities that will eventually bring results, hence you will be able retain clients for a long period of time which will eventually help you to earn recurring passive income.
  • Focus On Sales: Since all the operations, client support and team handling are managed by your partner, you will get ample amount of time to focus on sales and close more deals. This will help you to rapidly scale your business.

Is the SEO Reseller Model Right Fit For Me ?

outsource seo services

If you are any one of the following then surely White Label SEO services are a right fit for you:

  • A startup or existing advertising company, firm or agency
  • A startup or existing digital marketing company, firm or agency
  • A startup or existing web design company, firm or agency
  • A freelance web designer or developer
  • A freelance social media expert
  • A freelance blogger or content writer
  • A freelance paid advertising expert (Google Ads, Facebook Ads etc.

Key Takeaways

The world is becoming a “digital” global village now. If one has to expand, collaboration is the way forward not the competition. One can start reselling SEO services easily and start earning a handsome amount of money without the need to invest hefty amounts into establishing teams or handling client queries.

If you haven’t yet thought about this model or if you are struggling to retain your clients while trying to scale your business, get in touch with a SEO Reseller and start saving money and time both while focusing on sales.

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