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Outsource SEO Services to an Agency in 7 Steps

The need to outsource SEO services to an agency arises because of several reasons. If you run an online business, especially a digital marketing agency then read the below questions and see if they make any sense to you.

Do you often struggle to scale your online business ?
Do you often find yourself juggling between different roles within your own company ?
Do you feel overwhelmed while trying to market, generate sales and deliver digital marketing services to your client ?

If you are able to resonate with any of the above stated problems, chances are either you are going solo or you haven’t come up with a proper business plan to expand your business.

According to a study done by CBInsights, following are the reasons why most startup companies fail:

why most startup companies fail chart

As per the above statistics, we could see 2 of the main reasons for the failure of companies, these are:

Not the right team ~ 23%
Get Outcompeted ~ 19%

As you can see, not having the right team or not having a process to deliver your services in a way that it outperforms your niche competitors, can easily lead to failure of your business in the long term.

Hence if you are trying to manage every aspect of your business by yourself, you can see yourself burning out in the near future, whereas a partnership or collaboration with the right team can help you to:

  • Focus on your key competence area
  • Have more time to close more deals
  • Save costs in unnecessary experimenting, waste time, energy and resources.
  • Deliver high quality services to your clients without getting involved in the process.

Now let’s understand what are white label SEO services and how you can find the right team to outsource SEO services.

What is white label SEO ?

white label seo

White Label SEO Services are specialised SEO services provided by agencies that excel into performing SEO activities and drive results.

The most important quality of a white label SEO agency is that they can perform expert level SEO on a wide number of projects at the same time.

White label SEO agencies have the team, the tools and the infrastructure to support multiple SEO campaigns without compromising on the quality and the deliverability of results.

What does white label SEO services include ?

white label seo services

When it comes to SEO there could be a wide variety of services being sold by a white label SEO agency. However here is a list of most commonly sold SEO services:

  • Technical SEO services: Identifying technical website issues, suggesting ways to improve the website and making it more search engine friendly.
  • Onpage SEO services: Optimizing the content on your webpage including the URL, meta title, meta description, images, content etc.
  • Link building services: Building links for your website from high quality sources.
  • Content writing services: Creating optimized content for both users and search engines.
  • WordPress SEO services: Optimizing a wordpress CMS based website.

7 Steps to Outsource SEO Services

Here is a list of all the steps that one can take while trying to look for a white label SEO agency and outsource their work to them:

seo agency partner

1. Find white label SEO agencies

  • Search on Google: Use google to find all the white label seo agencies. Since most of the people would like to hire economical agencies, you should look for an SEO partner in these countries – India, Philippines, Bangladesh.
  • Post Requirement in Linked In: Most professional SEO companies are available on Linked In. You can post the requirement in different SEO groups and you will start receiving applications for the same.
  • Use Facebook Groups: Facebook groups can really help you get the right SEO company as most of these groups are driven by community and backed by real user feedback. Hence it’s a great place to post your requirements and start accepting applications.

2. Book Demo Calls

Once you have got a decent amount of data for all the white label SEO providers, you can now filter them on the basis of your own priority.

You should ideally filter out about 5 SEO agencies to contact with. Once you have done that, approach their representative and book a demo call with all of them.

Take a demo from every company and ask any many questions as you want to. You can also ask them to show you real time rankings and improvements for some of their previous clients.

3. Compare their Offerings

Get a detailed listing of their offerings and compare each SEO agencies’ offering with the other.

You can compare each offering on the basis of quantity of tasks they are doing, on the basis of the kind of tools and support they are offering to their partners or you can compare them on the basis of their pricing as well.

No matter what your basis of comparison is, make sure that the companies you are considering are legit and have been in the business at least since 3 years.

4. Assign Test SEO Projects

Once you reach this stage make sure that you are just left with the top 2 contenders for your final assessment.

Once you make sure that these 2 agencies would most probably fit for a long term association, just put them through a final test now.

Assign each of the final SEO companies at least 1 project as a test.

Make sure that you begin their test about the same time so that you can monitor their communication as well as their quality of work.

5. Compare SEO Performance and Work Quality

Now as you reach the end of the test SEO project, you can now assess both the SEO companies on the basis of following:

  • Key competence: How effectively they performed SEO tasks ?
  • Communication frequency: How closely they were communicating with you ?
  • Response to support queries: How well they responded to support queries ?
  • White label SEO reporting: How well their reporting is ?
  • Efficiency of delivering results: How well they were able to drive results?

The above are the five key parameters which can assist you in assessing overall performance from the two SEO agencies that you are considering.

6. Ask for a SEO Contract

Finally, you will be able in a position to decide which white label SEO agency is able to serve to your needs better.

During this stage you can communicate your feedback to both the companies.

The SEO company, you are choosing to go ahead with, you can also tell them what your expectations will be and what are the areas they can improve upon.

Whereas the agency, you are not choosing, you can tell them where they exactly lagged and end things on a good note.

Now, before you can send a lot of work to your newly chosen partner, ask them to send a contract stating all the legal and formal points in a bid to create a long lasting partnership with them.

7. Start Outsourcing to Your White Label SEO Partner

After completing all the formalities, it’s now time for you to start outsourcing SEO to your white label SEO partner.

This association will help you to free a lot of your time which you can utilize to scale your business and grow other areas of your key competence as well.

This new world dominated by everything “Digital” is an era of partnerships and collaborations. No one company can specialize into everything and be able to scale at the same time.

Outsourcing SEO services is a great way and perhaps your first step towards being more productive and being more cost efficient at the same time.

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