best seo tools online

21 Best SEO Tools Online For Freelancers

best seo tools online

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Here is a list of some of the best SEO tools online. Bookmark this page and share this page with your other SEO friends as this is going to be a very useful list.

Best Place To Buy Domain Name

When it comes to domain names, most of us prefer buying domain names at a cheaper rate. 

And besides the price, we also want to know what are the available domain names in the market. Until a few years back, we had very limited options to choose the domain names from but now we have thousands of extensions available which make buying a domain name easy and affordable.

Namecheap is one of the best domain registrar which can help you find a suitable domain name as well as buy it at a very cheap price.

Hence for buying domains, Visit

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Best Website Hosting

Google has announced that it has moved to mobile first indexing, now the page loading speed on mobile devices has a direct impact on the rankings. Hence having a fast server is not an option any more but a necessity.

One of the best website hosting providers is WPX hosting. What makes WPX hosting different from others is the ease of use as well as it’s SSD based servers.

SSDs are basically the replacement for HDD. SSD disks not only take less space than HDD, they are way faster and efficient with the speed which is the primary reason why it’s best to buy SSD website hosting from WPX.

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Best CMS for SEO

best seo cms

CMS is basically a Content Management System which provides a backend user interface to manage the website in a much better way.

Compared to HTML or PHP based websites, it’s way easier and more convenient to manage a CMS based website.

CMS also plays a major role with SEO, as a website which has an easy to use CMS can easily enable a user to optimize the website in a much faster and effective way.
Hence, WordPress is the most user friendly and perhaps the best SEO cms available on the planet right now. As per statistics, about 40% of the internet websites use wordpress CMS.

You can download wordpress CMS for free at

Best WordPress SEO Plugins

To make the best use of WordPress for SEO, here are two most popular and most effective wordpress SEO plugins:

1. Rank Math Pro: It is the best wordpress SEO plugin on the planet period. The ease of use along with all the different options which are available inside this plugin, makes this plugin super useful and super effective.

From an SEO perspective also, it provides a guided way to optimize any page and get the best out of it.

Click Here to Download Rank Math Pro

2. Yoast SEO: It is the second best wordpress SEO plugin. This plugin was launched way before rank math pro and was the number 1 choice until a few years back. This plugin also provides all the necessary tools required to optimize any page or post on a wordpress website.

Both tools are the best tools, you can try both of them and decide which one suits your needs better.

Click Here to Download Yoast SEO

Best Landing Page Builder

It’s not enough to have a good domain name, a fast website hosting or even a wordpress based website! What’s equally important is if your landing pages on the website are conversion friendly or not ?

If the users on your website are not enjoying the way they interact with your webpage or they find the look and design of your website dull and boring, the chances are that they are going to bounce back without taking any action.

Hence you must make sure that you design a good looking website and to help you with the same, a landing page builder will be required to make your job easier and effective.

Although there are many landing page builders available, Elementor Pro is the best landing page builder till date.

Using this tool is super easy and there are thousands of integrations possible with this tool.

Hence make sure that you get a copy of Elementor Pro

best landing page builder

Best SEO Keyword Research Tool

It is said that 50% of SEO is all about finding and optimizing the right set of keywords.

Yes, keywords play a major role in the success of SEO because if you target keywords that are irrelevant or are highly competitive or they have no volumes, you will fail at SEO.

Hence it is important to maintain the perfect balance between relevancy, difficulty and volume of the keywords.

Here are two tools to help you get the most out of your keyword research and find your “money” keywords:

1. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer: After testing almost every keyword analysis tool, I came to conclude that Ahrefs keyword explorer is the best keyword checker. What makes this tool best is the way it presents and groups the keyword information.

With traditional tools, it can take you hours to find the right set of keywords, however with Ahrefs keyword explorer you can easily find keywords in a matter of a few minutes.

Click Here to Visit Ahrefs

2. Long Tail Pro: Few years back, Google Keyword Planner used to display all the important keyword information like volume and competitiveness but since it does not provide that information for free, a lot of SEO experts have moved towards using different alternatives.

If you are looking for a replacement of Google Keyword Planner, then your best bet is to use Long Tail Pro.

This tool directly fetches the volumes from Google’s database, hence you can be assured that the figures are accurate.

Click Here to Visit Long Tail Pro

Best SEO Audit Tools

SEO audit tools can help you to check the technical health of the website. If you want to improve your chances of ranking at the top of Google search then you must make sure that your website is error free and easy to navigate by Google Bots.

Here are two tools which can help you find the issues on your website:

1. Website Auditor: This tool from Link Assistant, is the best website auditor. This tool let’s you crawl a website like Google bot itself and gives you tons of information about the entire website.

The best thing about this tool is it’s reporting feature, which gives you detailed insights about what is wrong and how to resolve it. If you are an SEO consultant or freelancer, then you can use it to share some amazing reports with your clients.

Click Here to Download Website Auditor

2. Screaming Frog: Screaming frog is considered as a weapon in the hands of an advanced SEO expert.

Yes, this tool is quite advanced and requires some knowledge to understand and fetch required information.

The best thing about this tool is that it can perform deep crawls and provide in depth audit insights which are otherwise very difficult to find.

Click Here to Download Screaming Frog

Best Onpage SEO Tools

Onpage SEO is the heart of SEO hence one must make sure to do it correctly. A part of getting onpage SEO right is by analyzing the onpage elements of top ranking competitors. Here are two tools to help you get the Onpage SEO right:

1. Surfer SEO: When it comes to Onpage SEO, a lot of folks just focus on doing the conceptual SEO whereas in order to get it done rightly, one must focus on doing data driven onpage SEO.

Surfer SEO helps you analyze the top ranking websites and find the top ranking onpage SEO elements. You can pinpoint those elements and apply to your own website to get this part right.

Surfer SEO is the world’s best Onpage SEO tool for Data Driven SEO.

Click Here to Visit Surfer SEO

2. SEOquake Plugin: SEOquake is a free browser plugin which can help you analyze the onpage SEO elements of any website. This tool is very fast and easy to use.

You simply need to install the plugin extension and see the x-ray of any top ranking webpage.

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Backlink plays a huge role in ranking a particular website. A lot of times, SEO experts struggle to form a backlink strategy, hence a backlink checker is used to reverse engineer top ranking websites, identify backlink sources and create backlinks from high authority websites. Here are the two best backlink checkers:

1. Ahrefs: It is considered to be the world’s number 1 backlink checker. What makes this tool so important is the data that they provide and the way they provide.

In just a few years of its existence Ahrefs have overthrown other similar tools in the market. If you are doing SEO, then Ahrefs is a must have tool.

Click Here to Visit Ahrefs

2. SEMRush: This tool was mainly created to analyze Google Adwords competition but with time it also evolved a backlink checker for SEO purposes. This tool also provides valuable information to help you with SEO.

However this tool is not as effective as Ahrefs but still it’s a good alternative to it.

Click Here to Visit SEMRush

The backlink checkers can help you identify sources to reach out and help you create backlinks from. However, if you want to scale your link building with outreach you need sophisticated tools. Here are two tools which can help you outreach and get backlinks from bloggers and other websites:

1. Ninja Outreach: This tool enables you to find bloggers across the internet and reach out to them for collaboration and get backlinks from.

Click Here to Visit Ninja Outreach

2. Snov: This tool enables you to find email addresses from any website and reach out to them to pitch for backlinking.

Click Here to Visit Snov

Best SEO Rank Tracking Software

Knowing which keywords you are ranking for along with their positions, is a crucial part of an SEO campaign. Not only this, the trend of keywords ranking also plays a huge role in strategizing future SEO activities, hence tracking keyword rankings is one the most important part of overall SEO.

While most tools in the market are heavy on the pocket and would put a cap on the number of keywords you can track, there is only one tool in the market, which works perfectly and allows you to track unlimited keywords for an unlimited website.

Rank Tracker from Link Assistant, is my most favorite and best SEO rank tracking software that I have been using for almost a decade now.

Take my word, simply go to the website and get this tool, don’t even try other tools as there is no other tool which will allow you to go unlimited.

Click Here to Download Rank Tracker

Best SEO Reporting Software

best seo reporting tool

A lot of SEO Experts use Google Analytics or Data Studio for creating SEO reports. However both tools have their limitations and require a lot of learning curve, hence there are other alternative available in the market to get the job done in a much better way, here are two tools to help you create good looking SEO reports:

1. Oviond: It is the best SEO reporting tool right now. What makes this tool best is the ability to integrate and fetch data from various tools like Google Analytics, Search Console, Page Speed Insights and many more such tools.

This tool lets you customize the reports, the way you like and present data in an appealing way.

Click Here to Visit Oviond

2. Greymetrics: It is a similar tool like oviond and works in a similar way as well. All you need to do is connect any data source and generate a report inside this tool as well.

The major difference between both the tools is the ease of use and number of available integrations.

Click Here to Visit Greymetrics

Best SEO Tools Online For Agencies

If you are an agency, having multiple clients and multiple team members, then here are a few tools which can help you perform various SEO activities as well as submit reports:

1. SEO Powersuite: This is a tool from Link Assistant, basically its a suite of 4 tools together, one is meant for rank tracking, one for website auditing, one for spying on competitors and one for creating backlinks through outreach.

It is a great suite for anyone who wants to do agency level work at a reasonable price.

Click Here to Visit SEO PowerSuite

2. Raven Tools: It is a cloud based software which can help you perform website audit, rank tracking, competitor research as well as manage links. The best thing about this tool, is that you can customize the reports the way you want and also keep a track on your client’s progress from a single dashboard.

Click Here to Visit Raven Tools

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